Key Features

As we all know, traditional plastics do not rapidly degrade. If not properly recycled, they build up in landfills, pollute our environment and ultimately disrupt our ecosystems. As a leader in the packaging industry,  Sev-Rend is excited to introduce Bio-Able Solutions line of products – the newest addition to our family of High-Performance Packaging.

Bio-Able Solutions by Sev-Rend directly addresses plastic and food packaging sustainability. Enabled with bio-assimilation technology*, our Bio-Able Solutions are 100% recyclable and uniquely formulated to fully degrade in both marine and terrestrial environments, leaving behind no micro-plastic waste.

Plastic packaging in a responsible format.

+ ASTM 5526 certified
+ ASTM 6954 Tier 1 certified
+ 100% recyclable
+ FDA approved
+ Proven to completely bio-assimilate, resulting in zero micro-plastic waste
+ Backed up by extensive independent testing

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